Hello Clemson Fans!! I am a 1992 Clemson graduate and I get to live in the great City of Clemson. I am married to my best friend, Jason Lee, have 2 amazing kids, Zach and Samantha and 2 amazing step-kids, Hannah and Teah.

I started my own embroidery business in 2002 with a small home embroidery machine, working part time out of my basement. I have since moved up to 3 much larger home embroidery machines and moved to Razzberry Fizz downtown Clemson.  I love to do monograms on anything you can conceive of, coolers, boots, bathing suits, love to try new things!  I have a Crafter's License from the University so everything is official and University approved.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Rags or anything else.
Thanks for visiting!

Please contact me if you don't find what you need. We also provide monogramming for towels, bags, and other items.